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how it started

Embarking on its inaugural voyage from the beloved Muscat, Oman, on December 12, 2012, our Dhow gracefully sailed to Beirut, Lebanon, by February 3, 2014. A transformative milestone unfolded as it merged with the dynamic creative hub, Touch of Art.

Continuing its trajectory to London, UK, on January 18, 2015, our Dhow established a harbor with Positive Organisations & People.

Navigating to the enchanting city of Barcelona, Spain, on August 23, 2016, our Dhow found its home.

Expanding its journey to Kuwait on February 19, 2017, and infusing an artistic touch in Qatar on November 20, 2017, our Dhow sailed to Moscow-Russia on October 25, 2018. enriching its journey, Our Dhow arrived in the vibrant city of Dubai, UAE, on November 30, 2019.

A significant chapter unfolded in Nairobi, Kenya, on November 23, 2022, marking a noteworthy station. Presently en route to KSA, we eagerly anticipate updating you on our ongoing journey.

Our vision is to stand out as the most impassioned global marketing and communications

agency in the MENA region.

Grounded in this vision, our mission is to deliver bespoke and captivating marketing and communications solutions.

Our dedicated professionals, sourced from the industry’s elite talents, possess a profound understanding and the tools of industry best practices.

Operating with authentic passion, we proactively serve our clients, ensuring their vision becomes visible and their goals are realized.


Communication has consistently played a pivotal role in the human experience, evolving from cave paintings to the contemporary digital era. It remains an indispensable element of our collective journey.

At DHOW, we specialize in amplifying messages to unlock the full potential of communication for individuals, organizations, and authorities. Your voice will resonate, your vision will be unmistakable, and your objectives will be realized.

In an era where the globe converges on a singular platform, interconnected like never before, engaging a specialized communication agency becomes imperative for ensuring your voice is not only heard but profoundly impactful.

For corporations and authorities seeking tailored solutions to cultivate collaborative and productive teams, enhance stakeholder collaboration consumers experience and customer services, exceed expectations and strategic goals, and foster uniqueness and innovation, effective communication is paramount.

Dhow Marcom agency extends an open invitation to join us on the path to your success. We are dedicated to facilitating your journey towards achieving your objectives.

Thank you for considering DHOW as your trusted partner .




Welcome to Dhow Marcom, a passionate and diverse team of professionals committed to amplifying our clients’ businesses through bespoke and strategic integrated marketing and communication solutions. Our story is inspired by the dhow, a ship that transported goods and culture across the region, uniting diverse communities through the shared goal of economic and cultural exchange.

While our vision is to become the most passionate marketing and communications agency in the MENA region, and an indispensable partner for our clients’ business and brand growth, our mission is to offer bespoke and engaging marketing and communications solutions through our dedicated professionals, who are the best talents in the market, equipped with a deep understanding of the local market and its customers. We operate passionately and genuinely to proactively serve our clients from the heart, enabling their businesses to bloom further.

We take pride in our professional and diverse team, comprising local and international members with well-rounded knowledge and experience. Our methodology involves setting objectives and strategies for each brief and task, identifying the main opportunity for the brand, and defining the role of each discipline to deliver on the brand and communication plan. We implement marketing communication programs to engage customers and create brand experience, developing bold and imaginative ideas across all relevant channels. We measure the ROI of the integrated programs and its impact on the business and the brand’s equity.

At Dhow Marcom, we operate passionately, professionally, and wholeheartedly, driven by our treasured values of collaboration, integrity, and excellence. We are committed to developing the communication and creative idea that best suits our clients’ needs, ensuring their success is our top priority. Thank you for considering Dhow Marcom as your marketing and communications partner, and we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

CEO Statement

Communication has been a very interesting process of how human beings shared the information verbally or nonverbally. From cave paintings to the modern era, it has always been a core and vital part of our society.
In DHOW, we help each business to communicate in a proper way to convey the message very clear and prompts to build the brand, generate the leads, and ensure the successs.

We believe for any business to grow reputation and profit margins, having a specialised communication agency is a must.
If you are one of those businesses seeking for some solutions in order to build a better collaborative and productive team, reduce conflicts among team members, improve your customer services, meet your expectation and goals, promote uniqueness and innovation, proper communication is a key.

Dhow Marcom agency has always applied a unique way to combine the content and media with high level of innovation to meet your expectations.

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