What’s new at Golden Drum for 2023

The newly added Creative Media Excellence Drum section aims to recognize outstanding creativity and excellence in media. It includes two groups: the CREATIVE USE OF MEDIA and the EXCELLENCE IN MEDIA, and it is divided into different categories. The jury, made up of professionals from different backgrounds in the creative and media field, will evaluate each entry’s media strategy, targeting, and execution to select the winner.

Another exciting addition is the GAME CHANGER GROUP, open worldwide, for campaigns that challenge the traditional ways of advertising through their idea, concept, and execution. Works submitted in this group must have a creative breakthrough, innovative shift in process or procedure, impactful influence on the mindset and behavior of the target audience, or exceptional use of technology. However, only the 42 countries eligible to compete in the Golden Drum Festival Competition will receive points for Golden Drum rankings.

The festival has also introduced new special awards, including the Media Agency of the Year award, celebrating the media agency that demonstrates outstanding creativity and excellence in media. This award will be presented to the agency that scores the highest points at the competition.The festival has revised some category groups, including the One-Channel and Omni-Channel.

The INTEGRATED group has been split into two categories: Profit and Non-Profit, and the Profit category includes two new subcategories: Product and Services. The improved DIGITAL, MOBILE & TECHNOLOGY group in One-Channel and Omni-Channel has added an NFT category, while the AR/VR/Voice-activation, Connected Devices, Data/Insight category is now named AR/VR/Voice-activation, Data/Insight, Metaverse.The Craft section has added a new category to the Digital Craft group, titled Other Use of Technology, reflecting innovative uses of technology that do not fall within the existing categories.

Moreover, the Golden Drum festival offers entrants a revised special pricing offer if they submit a larger number of entries. For every ten entries, the entrant gets one full delegate pass for attending the festival free of charge. A special 80% discount on entry fees is also available to all Ukrainian entrants.The festival also extends its partnership with Little Black Book, where all Grand Prix winners will be directly and free of charge entered into The Immortal Awards competition.

Additionally, Golden Drum Festival is also included in the AdForum Business Creative Report and the WARC Creative Rankings.

Overall, these new additions and awards for the Golden Drum Festival Competition 2023 aim to promote creativity, innovation, and excellence in media, advertising, and marketing. The new Game Changer group reflects an exciting shift in advertising’s traditional ways, pushing boundaries, and introducing new technologies and ways of thinking. It’s a great opportunity for professionals worldwide to showcase their skills and creativity in campaigns that challenge the norm.

Participate to Golden Drum 2023 (Oct. 9-10). Submit your best works until August 21, 2023. Golden Drum is waiting for you.